Coast Guard Physicals

At Cooper Family Medical Center, we understand the importance of ensuring that members of the Coast Guard are physically fit to perform their duties. That’s why we offer comprehensive physical exams for members and those interested in joining the Coast Guard, providing thorough evaluations to help them maintain their safety while in service. Our qualified medical staff has the expertise necessary to conduct the physical timely and accurately, ensuring that members meet the specific requirements set forth. We strive to make the process as streamlined as possible, so you can get back to your work quickly and with the peace of mind knowing you’ve received a quality physical exam. Trust Cooper Family Medical Center for your Coast Guard physical needs.


What Is Required To Pass The Physical?

To receive your medical certificate, you need to prove that you’re physically capable of performing the necessary tasks for basic training, including passing a vision and hearing test, as well as a color vision assessment. Furthermore, your doctor must assess whether any medical conditions you have would interfere with your ability to perform routine and emergency seafaring duties. Your physician will also need to evaluate whether you have any conditions that could worsen due to your seafaring job, potentially compromising your safety and the safety of others aboard the vessel. Medications that could impact balance, judgment, or any other essential skills required for your job could also affect your fitness to work as a seafarer.


What Happens During A Physical?

The merchant mariner physical examination is akin to a yearly medical check-up. An experienced medical professional will carefully review your application and discuss your medical record in great detail. You will also be quizzed on your balance, mental health, and agility so that the practitioner can evaluate you better. Afterward, a fully comprehensive physical exam is conducted to assess your overall wellbeing. As a part of this exam, your heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, ears, nose, throat, reflexes, muscle tone, digestive system, and cardiovascular system will be evaluated. Specialized tools are also used to check your vision, hearing, and ability to see colors. If you require more information or want to schedule a US Coast Guard physical, give us a call today!